Friday, December 2, 2011

movies, movies, movies

I like a lot watching movies, family-drama-romantic type especially.
Into the Wild, Big Fish, No Reservation etc. if i may say, are highly recommended movies to watch. To avoid a boring movie, first i look to Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) to see the movie rating. For a drama movie, it should have at least 6 stars, if so then the movie is definitely a good one.

Today's choice goes to this movies (released at year 2005 and 2007)

 (according to some info, the goal movie is a trilogy. but the third movie has no connection with the first and the second.) 

Goal and Goal II movie Information.

After watch several movies, i'm getting very observant. The rating of the movie is basicaly according to someone's opinion, so if someone tells the movie is not good, it's probably because they think so. Everyone has a different 'taste', right?
Have a nice weekend.

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