Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Begin Again

Finally, back to blog.

It's been quite a while since my last post. So excited that i haven't forgot my password account yet (hahaha).

There're so many social media apps these day : facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Back when the day the only media sharing is through blogging, i only have to use one email account and password at a time. But now, every social media apps requires at least one email account and password. And sometimes, by mistake i use one user id and password for the wrong account. That definitely makes me infuriated. Maybe because in 2010th, the only access to internet is by a PC or Laptop. But now it easier, so many smartphone featured access to internet. Thanks to that, social media apps grow like a fungus.

The reason why i like social media is because i like photography. So many social media apps that let you shares any moment through photos, like Instagram. So happy to use this apps thought i'm not a pro photographer and solely take a shot with my camera phone. But, there's ton of picture editing apps available that let me edit my photo so i can have a better result.

Okay then, continue in next post.. 

Have a good day ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Boys

This Picture was taken about 2 years ago. Me and around 20 other of my friend gather in some kind of community called "LorD", it is a community of dancing arcade games. The community begin in 22nd May 2012 which is the same date to the 24th years anniversary (i think) of our member, Risky.

To bad the girls do not include in this picture. At that time, there is not much girl member in our commuity. As far as i can remember, we have Risky, Atina, Hida, Liya, Diva, Zie and Jeyhan. Only 7 girl joined.

On my mind, i dream of this would be a formal photo shoot. We intentionally wear black and white shirt as a dress code, but as it turns out there is no formality at all. The photographer keep saying "Smiilleeee.." or "Cheeesee.." and it's like the other's think "oh.. okay, we should follow him". Well, this is my boys.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not the best part, but the best moment

Here, me, my friend (milzam) and his girl having some funny moment at Lalu-lintas Park. Actually they invited me to join them finishing some project, but the silly part is that i don't really aware what kind of project they're working on.... until today. Though, i'm glad they ask me to accompany them.