Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Begin Again

Finally, back to blog.

It's been quite a while since my last post. So excited that i haven't forgot my password account yet (hahaha).

There're so many social media apps these day : facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Back when the day the only media sharing is through blogging, i only have to use one email account and password at a time. But now, every social media apps requires at least one email account and password. And sometimes, by mistake i use one user id and password for the wrong account. That definitely makes me infuriated. Maybe because in 2010th, the only access to internet is by a PC or Laptop. But now it easier, so many smartphone featured access to internet. Thanks to that, social media apps grow like a fungus.

The reason why i like social media is because i like photography. So many social media apps that let you shares any moment through photos, like Instagram. So happy to use this apps thought i'm not a pro photographer and solely take a shot with my camera phone. But, there's ton of picture editing apps available that let me edit my photo so i can have a better result.

Okay then, continue in next post.. 

Have a good day ;)

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