Thursday, September 15, 2011

exclusive item

blackberry, wallet, earphone, and motorcycle key

These guys are always on my pocket, no matter what. The Blackberry case i used is made of rubber, i use it because it cheap, hehe, also since i mostly drop my phone, the case prevent it from happening, because it make the phone's not slippery. The best choice, i guess.

The wallet is a present from my sister. She bought it for me because she think i always used the same wallet for my whole life. So far, yes, i'm a keeper, but then i was lucky i got those bud. So, it's time for me to put my old wallet in the museum.

The earphone always attached to my phone, even when i'm on my motorcycle. I know it's dangerous and against the rule, but i just can't help it, it always been my habit.

The last is the key. There's a lot stupid things happen with this bud, mostly i'm having a panic attack because i forgot where i put it, and when i realize, it's been on my pocket from the very beginning. Wait? am i senile already?

These are my guys.