Saturday, June 18, 2011

Regent Theatre

the ticket counter
the cafetaria
Theatre lamp's reflection on the tile
The Regent Theatre. Located at Veteran Street, Bandung. I went there to watch "Possession" movie with my buddies. The theatre's not so exclusive. Even more, it only cost 10.000 IDR per ticket. As the movie played, there's only 7 people inside.  

Although, the snack's cheap. A little bit fancy price for a little cafetaria.



  1. only for weekend 10.000 IDR (not IRD) hahaha
    and in weekday just 8.000 IDR! what a Cinema.. :p

    anyway, I actually in looking for for someone who can take some photos of me, buuut the photo's results doesn't show my tiny body.. wanna try this challenge?hahaha :p

  2. ah! thanks for the correction :D
    how about using photoshop instead, i'm sure there is a tool called 'Fatten'... xp *just kidding*

    i'll try to work on it, but, need a lot of practice first. :D